New Employees (Faculty/Staff)

What to do if you are a New Employee at UMB

If you’re a new Employee with UMB please read the following:

Before coming to the One Card office, check the Campus Directory located at to verify your information exists in the system. If you’re in the system, please visit our One Card office at 621 West Lombard St. for your UMB One Card, Suite 002 Lower Level in the Campus Center.

If you’re not in the Campus Directory please follow the steps below.

  • Have your Payroll/Personnel Representative send an email to to include the following:
    • First Name:(From Social Security Card)
    • Middle Name:(From Social Security Card)
    • Last Name:(From Social Security Card)
    • Birth Date
    • Last 4 Digits of your SSN#
    • School: (e.g. Administration , School of Law, School of Medicine , School of SSW , School of Nursing , School of Pharmacy , Dental School)
    • Faculty or Staff

Once your information is received, a temporary record is created and sent to the One Card System. Check back to the Campus Directory ( to verify the record exists. (This process may take up to 2-4 hours for your record to be confirmed). Once your name appears in the Directory, you are ready to obtain your UMB One Card.

If you have any other questions or comments please send an email to